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"Caelan Creaser also wow'd as Elsa. She brought the vocal power needed to send chills through the audience as she beautifully belted out 'Let it Go'. Two days later, I'm still singing the song as I write this review"  -Emma Loggins, BroadwayWorld

"...So her understudy, Caelan Creaser, went on. She provides some strength into her performance as the newly appointed Queen of her country, Arendelle, who was born with magical powers. Not to mention that she also belts the heck out of the Oscar-winning hit, 'Let it Go'"   - Jeffrey Kare, BroadwayWorld

"Caelan Creaser is in a zone of her own as Cynthia Weil, imbuing her role with solid acting and exceptional vocals worthy of Broadway. Hers is a standout performance..that brings a refreshing and uplifting dimension to the production" -Herbert Paine, BroadwayWorld

"Caelan Creaser's (Cynthia Weil) witty line delivery and Justin Albinder's (Barry Mann) sharp comic abilities provide much of the show's humor. Their rich singing voices shine and they deliver three-dimensional portrayals of these likable songwriters" -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"Miss Adelaide, Nathan's long time fiancee and star performer at the Hot Box Nightclub, is played to perfection by the stunning Caelan Creaser. Creaser has the wide-eyed energy and blinding smile of Julia Roberts combined with top notch dancing and singing chops to boot. In heels, she towers over the rest of the cast, but her height comes in second to her sheer charisma, the kind of stage presence that immediately grabs your attention and holds you until the lights go out" -Seth Tucker, BroadwayWorld

"With superb comic timing and a refined sense of style, Creaser is a complete knock-out as Miss Adelaide. Her solo of 'Adelaide's Lament' is well thought out and superbly sung" - Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"Caelan Creaser is excellent as Elle. She injects the character with the right combination of spunk, compassion, a big heart, good comic timing, and also a sure-footed serious side to bring Elle vibrantly to life while also letting us see that she has her flaws. Creaser's rich, polished singing voice sounds superb on her many upbeat tunes and ballads while also adding plenty of shine and sparkle to the many humorous lyrics in the score" - Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway



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